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We owe our thanks to the work of Rachel Warlick Dunn. Second Edition – Johann Daniel Warlick of Lincoln County and His Descendants –1729-1993 provides a road map to your family beginnings. The 520 page hardbound bound volume is an essential addition to your family records.

This genealogy covers eleven generations of Johann Daniel Warlick from Lincoln County who came from the Palatinate area in Germany on the ship Mortonhouse.  He took the oath of allegiance on 19 August 1729.

Discussed at length are the families of Daniel, Johann Nicholas, Eli Alexander, Anna Catherine, Valentine, Mary, Phillip, Eve Catherine, Elizabeth, Maria Barbara, Lewis, David, R(obert) P., William H. and many associated families.

Included are the 250th Anniversary Address, Warlick Coat of Arms, Warlick’s Grain Mill, Map of the Palatinate area in Germany, the Improvement in Plows invention from 1874 and many family stories. These stories were supplied by families of the Warlick Family.

This Second Edition makes many corrections and additions to the 1960 First Editioin by Alfred C. Warlick, Sr. There were definitely two marriages for Johann Daniel Warlick and numerous family records were used to update the Warlick’s Genealogy.  Hundreds of families sent research and family bible records to be entered in this Second Edition.

If you have Warlick family ties, you will learn much about this family’s heritage, and have documented research that can be passed down in your family for generations.  The book is perfect for gift occasions.  A substantial number of photographs, plus full-name index of over 6,100 persons, adds to the value of the text.  Each individual is coded for easy reference.

The hardback book is no longer available but a well done, scanned copy of the book in “paperback” form is now available from The book is a perfect gift for many occasions.  Libraries and historical groups will also be interested in this latest addition to North Carolina genealogical resources.

Publisher: Mrs. Rachel Warlick Dunn Email: -

Copyright(c) 2003 The Warlick Family Association All rights reserved.